The Great Morph Experiment

I’ve been tossing some ideas around in my head for doing a morph video (you know, one image becomes another) and I think I have the ultimate solution, and best of all, it should be entirely free. I want to do one to see how well it works. So, I am doing one! Unfortunately, I have not had time to work on it and, as some you may have noticed, the “due date” for entries was a month ago. (There are still zero entries. 😥 Very enthusiastic response!) So I am instead going to just accept any entries I get from now until I let you know that I’m starting. The requirements are the starting photo, a photo of the intended animal, and a third photo to use as a background. All photos must be as high resolution as possible. The more closely the poses match, the better. I will choose my personal favorite and use it to make the test, and in the end, probably make a tutorial of how to do it.

Probable Setup:

  • Platform: Mac OS X Leopard
  • Morph Program: Norkross MorphX – free (Researching free Windows substitute)
  • Additional Programs: GIMP 2.4 (free) and Blender 2.5 (free)

    2 Responses to “The Great Morph Experiment”

    1. Cursedwolf300 Says:

      Im willing to be morphed if thats ok?

    2. Cursedwolf300 Says:

      and is it ok if i have 2 requests for morphing?

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