Through the Flames 1-2

Part 1 – The Discovery

Chapter 2 – Words of Destiny

Tim sat in his last class, waiting for the last Friday bell to ring. The teacher droned on and on about something he vaguely recognized as Newton’s third law of motion. He looked at his friend Ben sitting in the seat next to him, staring off into space and not moving. Tim threw a small paper wad at him to get his attention. He looked at Tim. Tim nodded at the teacher, and they both waited until he turned his back on them to write something on the blackboard. Tim took the opportunity to slip Ben a note, which Ben quickly hid between the pages of his notebook as the teacher turned back around.

“And what are you two doing?” The teacher looked sternly at the two boys.

“Nothing, sir.” said Ben.

“Didn’t Timothy just hand you something?” The teacher smiled triumphantly.

“No, all I have with me is my notebook, a few pencils and my binder. The binder’s under my desk, and I’m not hiding anything under the notebook.” Ben lifted the notebook to illustrate his point, being careful to let the pages flap around while discreetly pinching the binding where the note was.

The teacher looked at him sourly. “Fine, but if I…” Just then the bell rang. The teacher sighed. “Just don’t ever let me catch you.”

Ben and Tim gathered their books. As they entered the hall, Ben snickered. “Yeah, nothing under my notebook! And I certainly won’t let him catch me!”

“Yeah, that was great. I wonder how he misses stuff like that. We should probably be more careful in the future, though.” Tim stopped at his locker and started grabbing books and stuffing them into his bookbag. “Hey, are you free after school?”


“Want to come over and play some Halo 3?”

“Sure! I’ll meet you out front. I have to get my stuff.” Ben hurried off into the mob of students.

Five minutes later, Ben and Tim met in front of the school and began to walk home. As they walked past a small store with Ben a few steps ahead, Tim was suddenly grabbed and pulled behind a large bush. Ben kept walking for a few seconds before realizing Tim was gone, then started walking back, thinking Tim was playing a joke on him. Meanwhile, Tim struggled to free himself from whoever was holding him.

Suddenly the man spoke. “You fool! I saw you get the message, why didn’t you come!” Tim shook his head. The man continued. “It’s absolutely critical that you follow my directions exactly. I will put something in your pocket that I originally intended to give you at the park. Do NOT open it until you get home. Don’t talk to your friend about it either until you are somewhere where nobody can hear you. Again, this is absolutely imperative that you follow these directions. Now go and act normal, and be sure to do everything I tell you.” Tim felt the man release him, but he was gone before Tim had time to turn around. He got up, shaking. He carefully stuck his hand in his pocket to make sure whatever it was wasn’t a bomb or something dangerous and sighed with relief when he realized it was just an envelope. Just then he heard Ben calling his name.

“Hey Ben, I’m over here!” Tim stepped out from behind the bush.

Ben turned and walked toward Tim. “What were you doing?”

“Never mind that, I’ll tell you when I get home.”

Ben looked at him strangely. “You’re shaking. Seriously, what happened?”

“Never mind! I’m not supposed to tell you now. Just wait until we’re at the house!”

“Okay, if you insist.” The two boys continued walking in silence.

“So let me get this straight,” asked Ben when they had arrived and Tim had explained what had happened. “Some stranger basically kidnaps you, gives you an envelope, then disappears. You say he tried to give it to you before, but failed. And he seems paranoid and mentally unstable. Now what could be in the envelope that’s important, let alone that applies to you?”

“Nothing to do but open it, I guess.” Tim took the envelope, carefully tore open the seal, and reached inside, grabbing the piece of paper inside and laying it on the table. It took them a second to realize what they were seeing.

Ben spoke first. “Wow, that must be really old!”

“Eight thousand years old, to be exact.” Tim stared at the parchment numbly, realizing what it was. “Did you see today’s newspaper?”

“No, why?”

“This was stolen yesterday.”


“This was stolen yesterday morning. No wonder he wanted to get rid of it. We’d better call…” Tim suddenly stopped and dropped the parchment when it started to glow brightly. “What the…”

Tim was cut off by a sudden loud voice from the parchment.
“This prophecy shall make its way
Through ages long and hands unknown
To come to rest within the hands
Of destiny’s great Chosen One.”

The parchment stopped glowing and there was silence. Ben was the first to speak. “What the heck was that?”

Tim just stood there for a few seconds, in shock. “It’s me,” he said, stunned.

“What’s you? What are you talking ab- oh.” Ben said the last word slowly, wide-eyed. “You mean…”

“Yeah.” Tim sat down heavily. “We need to do some research.” He grabbed the parchment and began to read. Ben peered over his shoulder. After what seemed like hours, Tim put the parchment down. “Ben, I need you to call Matt. Get him over here now. I don’t care what you tell him, just get him over here. I need to look up some information on my computer.” Tim ran up the stairs as Ben went for his cell phone.

Several minutes later, Tim sat in the living room with Ben and Matt, furiously tapping on the keyboard of his laptop. Matt just stared at Tim. “I just don’t know how this is possible. I mean, stuff like this normally doesn’t happen!”

“I know. Even I don’t…” Tim stopped suddenly. A sudden screeching sound filled the air. “Get down, now!” Ben and Matt looked at him strangely, then were knocked to the floor as the ground shook violently. Tim grabbed the blanket on the couch, then instinctively grabbed the prophecy. He hastily threw the blanket over Ben, Matt, and himself. “Don’t let any light in! The light’s their weapon!” As soon as he said that, the blanket was suddenly ripped from their hands. A bright blue-white streak of light flew in through one of the windows and shot straight towards them. In a panic, Tim threw his arms in front of his face in a hopeless attempt to stop the light just as the prophecy he was holding began to glow. There was a blinding flash of light followed by a deafening explosion like a peal of thunder that shook the entire house, then silence.

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