Through the Flames 1-1

Part 1 – The Discovery

Chapter 1 – Prophecy

“How many times do I have to tell you not to put your elbows on the table?” Timothy McLeon’s mom looked at him sternly. “It’s not good manners. You’re almost seventeen, for Pete’s sake!”

“I know, mom!” said Tim, looking at her indifferently. “I do it when I need to, but here it’s not really necessary.”

“Still, you should do it here too,” said his dad.

“Okay, but I still think it’s dumb.” Timmy finished his dinner quickly, then sat down in front of the TV and started looking for something to watch. The Food Channel came on, displaying one of Tim’s favorite shows, Good Eats.

Tim’s mom walked in before he could continue watching. “Come on and help me with the dishes; you can finish those cooking shows later. I still can’t understand why you find them so interesting.”

“Oh, okay.” Tim muted the TV and walked into the kitchen, where his mom was already washing the dishes. Tim grabbed a towel and started drying them, being sure to put them in their proper places.

“So how was school today?” his mom asked.

“Oh, it was the usual. Mrs. Martinez gave us another report, our history teacher picked on Brent Turner again, and our physics class was more boring than usual. Yep, it was just a normal Wednesday.”

His mom chuckled. “I see,” she said. “Do you have much homework?”

“Not a lot, just the report and a few math problems.”

Tim and his mom finished the dishes soon after. When they were done, Tim went upstairs to his bedroom to do his homework. He powered up his computer, then checked his news feeds. One article caught his attention. It said “Ancient English Manuscript Found; Confounds Archaeologists.” Tim had always enjoyed archeology, so he clicked the link. He began reading.

“Archaeologists in what is now Lithuania have found an eight-thousand-year-old parchment buried within the ruins of an ancient kingdom. What amazes archaeologists about the artifact is not its age, which has been definitively proven by several methods, but the fact that it is written in English. Amazingly, many experts have examined the parchment and, besides its English writing, cannot find a single indication that it is a hoax.” Tim read on, skipping the detail about the methods used to determine its age, and stopped when he reached the transcript of the prophecy.

“When evils come and darken sky,
And unknown dangers threaten man,
Shall come a hero by and by
To rise and save with steady hand.

This prophecy shall make its way
Through ages long and hands unknown
To come to rest within the hands
Of destiny’s great Chosen One.

He shall be by his visions known,
Which others will not comprehend.
To him shall be the future shown
To help him conquer in the end.

Then two companions shall he seek
And search for secrets long forgot,
And only can these chosen three
Complete the quest and perish not.

To them shall be three weapons giv’n
Which like the moon at night doth gleam.
The stones within shall number sev’n
And like great diamonds they shall seem.

Then once again shall good prevail,
Brought forth by his unwav’ring hand.
And nevermore shall such a peril
Present a danger in the land.”

He finished and shook his head. What a joke! He switched over to his word processor and, forgetting about the article, began typing his report.

Tim woke up the Thursday morning feeling refreshed. He went downstairs and poured himself some cereal. Before he could start eating, a headline in the newspaper caught his attention. It read, “Mysterious Object in Space Baffles Scientists.” He looked carefully at the article, which described what seemed like a huge metal box flying through space. As he looked at the picture, it suddenly started moving. Tim stared at the now moving picture, watching as the box started splitting up into hundreds of smaller pieces which flew directly towards earth. Then, just as quickly as it had begun, the picture was still again. Tim looked at the picture again and again as he ate, trying to put two and two together. He assumed he had been hallucinating, but why? It had seemed so real. He decided not to worry about it. Finishing up his cereal, he headed upstairs to get his shower. His mom was just leaving the bedroom when he got there.

“Good morning, Tim. How did you sleep?”

“Fine.” Tim grabbed some clothes from his bedroom and got in the shower. He finished, put on his clothes, and brushed his teeth quickly before grabbing his bookbag.

“Do you have everything?” she asked.

“Yeah, I have it. I’ll see you later!”

Tim grabbed his keys, got into his small car, and drove off to school.

He arrived at the school parking lot just in time. He virtually ran to his first class.

“Hey, Tim!” Tim’s friends Matt and Ben were sitting in the back. They motioned to an empty seat and Tim sat down. “What’s up with you?” asked Matt.

“Oh, just the usual. I had this wierd hallucination or something this morning, though. I mean, I don’t drink or do drugs, so I don’t know what caused it.”

“You should probably have your eyes checked,” said Ben.

“Yeah, I didn’t think of that. Although I seem fine now.”

“Quiet, here comes Mrs. Martinez!” said Ben.

“Oh, boy.”

It was a long day. Tim went home after soccer practice, went upstairs, and threw his bookbag on his bed. His parents were at an important meeting and wouldn’t be home for another few hours. Tim turned on his computer with a sigh. He had no idea a single school day could seem so strange. Not only did everyone seem to be avoiding him, but he keps seeing things shortly before they happened. Or at least he thought. How could he have seen Laura knock Austin’s book off the table twice in a row, each time landing in the same spot with the same page open? This was getting to be too much. He sighed, pulled out his books, and started his physics homework. At least one thing seemed to be right; it made just as little sense as it usually did.

Suddenly Tim heard a knock at the front door. Wondering who it could be, he went downstairs and looked out the peephole in the door. There was nobody there. He opened the door and stepped onto the porch, looking for whoever it might have been, but he could see nobody. He turned around to head back inside, but stopped when he saw the note on the door. It read, “Timothy, you don’t know me, but somehow I know you. I can’t explain it, but I have something that I know you need. Like I say, I don’t know how I know who you are, but I do. Meet me at the park near here at 8:00 tonight and I’ll give it to you. I can’t leave it here because this place is being watched, and if I leave it here and they get it then we’re all doomed. I can only hope you find this quickly. If you get this note more than a minute after I knock, they may have seen it already, so wait to go to the park until I let you know some other way. I’ll be watching from a safe location, so I’ll know if you got this note. Also, do NOT tell anyone else about this; you’ll know who to tell and what to do after you get it. I can’t stress how important it is that you follow these instructions exactly. You just need to trust me.” Tim looked around nervously, then took the note from the door and walked inside. It sounded like a prank or a psychopath to him. What was this about “we’re all doomed?” He threw the note in the wastebasket as he reached his room. He wasn’t stupid enough to go to a park at night just because someone told him to meet them. That was just asking for trouble. He frowned as he picked up his pencil. What could the person want? Why did they want him at the park that badly? He dismissed the thoughts as he started working on his homework again.

The next morning dawned warm and sunny. Tim, however, was in a bad mood. As if the previous day wasn’t enough, he’d had ridiculous dreams about the strange celestial object. They seemed to copy the hallucination he’d had before, but this time he could clearly see that the objects were attacking something. He was beginning to think that he was losing his mind. He shook the thoughts from his head and slowly made his way downstairs to get breakfast. On the table he found a note from his mom telling him about another last-minute meeting that she and his dad had to attend. Tim set the note down, poured some cereal, and picked up the paper. There was no mention, however, of the strange object in space. One headline caught his attention, though. The strange manuscript that had been found was stolen, with no clues as to where it was. Tim put down the paper and ate his breakfast in silence, then stood up. All the while pondering the meaning of all the strange events of the past few days, Tim went upstairs to get ready for school.

Forward to Chapter 2 РWords of Destiny 

You can see the old version of this chapter HERE.


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