The Game Show

The Game Show

Aaron couldn’t believe this was happening. The 15 year old and his girlfriend had actually managed to get the first and second spots on the brand-new game show that everybody was so excited about, “Transformation!” Nobody knew how the game show was to work, but he was very excited that he could win at least a decent amount of money. As he sat in his seat, the host explained the game.

“The contestant chooses one of 30 envelopes and sets it aside. Then, he eliminates the remaining 29 one by one. After each envelope is chosen, opened, and eliminated, I will make the contestant an offer. He can either accept it, or refuse it. If he refuses it, he chooses another envelope. Either when the contestant decides or when all of the other envelopes have been eliminated, I will make a final offer. At that time, the contestant either takes my offer or opens the last envelope, which he set aside at the beginning, and takes that. You cannot quit; you must take either one of the offers or what is in the envelope that is set aside. Now, let’s play ‘Transformation!’ Our first contestant is Aaron Debson. Come up to the hot seat, Aaron!”

Aaron almost ran onto the stage. He sat down in the seat across from two rows of envelopes, each numbered 1 through 30. “Are you ready, Aaron?” asked the host.

“Yep. I’ve actually watched ‘Deal or No Deal’ quite a bit, so I feel pretty confident with this.”

“Excellent! Let’s get started then. What envelope do you want to keep for later?”

Aaron blurted out “Thirteen.” almost before the host was finished.

“Thirteen it is.” announced the host. He walked up to the envelopes, picked up number 13, and set it on a glass pedestal to the side of all of the other envelopes. “Now, which envelope shall we open first?”


The host picked number 6 and opened it. Inside was a big piece of paper that said… “Feral Male Panther.”

“What the heck?” asked Aaron, dumbfounded.

“Alright, he has eliminated a feral. There are ten ferals, ten anthros, (and a variety of other conditions for each of those), and ten other prizes. Now for my offer: I offer an anthro female rat.”

“No deal.” announced Aaron, still with no idea of what was going on.

“Okay, what is the next envelope you would like opened?”

Some time later…

There were only two envelopes, plus the one he had chosen at the beginning, remaining. He knew that he had a great chance of winning it all, because two of these three envelopes had the two highest prize amounts. Most of the prizes made no sense to him. He had no idea what feral or anthro meant, and he certainly didn’t want to take home a male lion! He knew two of the three envelopes left were the good ones, and he was sure he would win.

“Which envelope next?”

“Number 21.”

The host opened this envelope.

“1 million dollars.” he said solemnly.

There was collective wave of dismay from the crowd. Aaron stared at the host for a few seconds, then shrugged. He declined an offer for a feral tigress and pointed to the last envelope. Slowly the host opened it. Aaron felt his heart skip a beat. Slowly the host announced, “$750,000.”

Aaron was dumbstruck. He had lost! The last money value was gone! He was almost about to cry, but the host stopped him. “We still have one more offer before you open up the last envelope. My final offer is: feral female skunk.”

Too stunned to say anything, Aaron shook his head no. The host walked over to the pedestal and removed the envelope. “This is your prize. Don’t worry, it’s much better than you may think. Something that money could never buy.” Aaron perked up a bit at that comment. The host tore open the envelope and looked at Aaron. He pulled out the paper, unfolded it, then read the statement.

“Anthro Male Raccoon.”

Aaron was shocked to say the least, but then he started to feel very strange. He started to itch all over, and he suddenly felt more alert. The strangest thing was a pressure at the back of his pants and at the top of his head.

“Congratulations Aaron. I guarantee you will enjoy your new self.”

The crowd gasped as they began to realize what was happening. They could see the ears beginning to form, and it became clear when a bushy, ringed tail ripped through his pants. Aaron spun around when that happened, still trying to figure out what was going on.

“You’re turning into a raccoon!” someone yelled in the crowd.

“Look at your tail!” yelled another.

Aaron looked behind him and suddenly realized what was going on when he saw his tail. Almost immediately, he regcognized the tail pattern, and then realized that the same thing was happening all over his body. “What’s going on?” he yelled above the crowd. He looked over and saw the host watching him. He was about to rip him to shreds with his new claws, but stopped when he saw his face. He was smiling, not in a menacing or cruel way, but in a loving and kind way. Aaron almost didn’t realize it when the changes finished. The host pushed a button, and a mirror popped up out of the floor. Aaron couldn’t help but smile, he was handsome beyond anything he ever imagined he could be. He was not very athletic before, even though he had always liked sports; now he felt like he could walk on to any high school sport he wanted! He smiled at the host. As he walked back into the crowd, he was greeted with amazement and fascination. Everybody wanted to pet him and ask him how he felt. Then, he remembered his girlfriend. He turned back toward the stage just as the host called her up.

“And now, here’s Amy Preston, our next contestant.”

Amy quickly walked onstage, winking at Aaron. She picked envelope 23, then chose number 30 to eliminate.

“Feral Male Weasel,” he read. He looked at her, then at Aaron in the crowd, and back to Amy. “My offer is: Anthro female raccoon!”

Amy turned towards where Aaron was sitting. “This is for you, Aaron.” she said. She turned back to the host and said just one word.



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