Sly Cooper: Time Travels 8

Chapter 8 – Old West Brawl
Sly quickly activated his slow motion “thief reflexes” and began to dodge bullets. He knew he had to act fast; he couldn’t do it forever. He dove behind a thick wooden crate and whipped out his Binocucom and activated the link. “Bentley, do you hear me? I’m pinned down by Montgomery and his gang; I need some backup fast! And bring plenty of bombs!”

“Sly, are you okay?” Bentley’s frantic voice came over the loudspeaker. “We’ll be there as fast as possible, hang in there buddy!”

“Okay, just be careful.” Sly cut the link just in time to jump out of his hiding place just as Akira launched himself over the top of the crate. Sly smashed him into the ground and kept dodging bullets as the gang circled around, cutting him off from the crate. He had nowhere to hide. It seemed like an eternity. He kept dodging bullets, and the gang kept reloading their guns time and again. Every time one would run out, another would have a fresh load, so Sly had no break in the constant volley of bullets headed his way. Sly waited and waited for his gang to show up. Finally, just as he was starting to lose his concentration on his thief reflexes and time began to speed up again, Montgomery and Jean Bison both ran out of bullets at the same time, before the others could finish reloading. Frantically seizing his opportunity, he leaped forward and expertly swung his cane twice, hooking two of the partially loaded guns. As quick as lightning, he stuck the cane in its sheath, slammed the cylinders into position and pointed the guns at the bad guys.

“Not so fast,” Sly said coolly. “Put down all of your guns and stand against the wall. One false move, and I shoot.”

The defeated gang looked menacingly at Sly, but began to move toward the wall. Just as they got there, Rajan yanked a small silver object from his pocket. Sly fired twice, and Rajan fell to the floor dead, but not before Rajan managed to press the button on the device. Sly’s heart nearly stopped when he saw what the object was. It was a small silver remote with an image of a mechanical bird engraved on it. Sly hit the ground just as the building around him was vaporized and a laser blast seared the air where he had been standing only moments before. Sly jumped up before Clockwerk had a chance to turn around and slammed the remaining gang members in their heads so they couldn’t give him even more trouble. As Clockwerk began to dive towards him, Sly looked for somewhere to hide. There was nowhere. Clockwerk had annihilated the building. There was nothing left but bits of ash. Sly jumped to the side just as another blast struck.

Clockwerk landed, sending a shockwave through the ground. “Stop moving so I can kill you!” Clockwerk shrieked, sending laser blasts in all directions. Sly simply jumped and dodged, none of the blasts even coming close. After what seemed like an eternity, Clockwerk stopped. “It looks like I have to use more force!” Sly’s eyes widened in horror as a panel opened on the top of Clockwerk’s frame, revealing a huge launcher full of missiles that rose up into position. As if to demonstrate its power, the launcher spun to the left, firing a missile into the ground a hundred yards away.

The missile flew so fast, Sly couldn’t even see it. But he saw the explosion. The area lit up with a blinding light, sending a wall of dust racing past Sly and nearly knocking him over. Clockwerk looked at Sly calmly, mockingly, and Sly quickly realized what Clockwerk was doing. He wanted Sly to make the first move. Then, he would kill him. Sly thought quickly, then looked coldly at Clockwerk. Gathering all his strength and willpower, he jumped.

Clockwerk responded with a volley of missiles. Sly dodged them in midair, hearing them fly past into the sky behind him. Sly spun and landed on Clockwerk’s back. Spinning around, he had barely enough time to avoid the missiles from the launcher, just a few feet in front of him. Sly jumped over the launcher, landing behind it and grabbing on as it tried to aim at him again. The launcher spun and tried to shake Sly off, but he wouldn’t budge. Sly held on with one paw and grabbed his cane in the other. There was a flash of gold, then Clockwerk gave a loud shriek as sparks exploded from the launcher. Sly ripped his cane out of the launcher’s workings, smoking wires still caught in the hook. “You can’t beat me, Sly Cooper!” Clockwerk screamed, trying to shake the persistent raccoon off his back. Sly just held on, ripping at Clockwerk’s insides, trying to sever something critical. Sly jabbed his cane into Clockwerk’s mechanical neck. Clockwerk gave a violent shudder, throwing Sly of, then collapsed on the ground, barely moving. The huge metal owl screeched and rose unsteadily to his feet, looking at Sly with a look of pure hatred. “I’ll be back. You can’t hide forever. You may be able to beat me for a short time, but you will never destroy me completely. You will never know when I will be back. And I will keep coming back until you are dead!” The owl took to the air, flying away slowly as Sly watched.

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