Sly Cooper: Time Travels 7

Chapter 7 – Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Tennessee came to about a minute after Sly defeated Akira, and Sly explained the situation. Tennessee wrapped a piece of cloth around Sly’s shoulder and they continued on to Montgomery’s hideout. At first, the plan went perfectly. Sly and Tennessee met right where they were supposed to. Sly picked the lock and the chains on his friends. But then something went wrong. There were four guards walking around the dungeon. Tennessee was supposed to be disguised as one of them. But Sly counted the fourth guard, and it wasn’t Tennessee. Neither was the fifth. Or the sixth. Or the seventh. Sly turned to his friends. “I’m going to see what’s going on. If Tennessee comes around, run for it. Don’t wait for me. You’ll recognize him; he looks just like he does in the pictures in the Thievius Raccoonus.” Sly crept into the hallway and ducked behind a pillar as another guard walked by. He recalled the map; most of the building was to the right. Sly examined some of the rooms in the hallway. They were all locked. Finally he came to the end of the hall. The raccoon sniffed the air, then headed right.

Meanwhile, Neyla paced back and forth in front of Tennessee. “Do you have any idea how the timeline works?” she asked him calmly.

Tennessee struggled against his bonds. He was chained to the wall, unable to move. “No, tell me.” he spat.

“Everything in time is derivative. Nothing can exist without being previously derived from something else. We cannot go into the future and bring back technology and leave it. It will disappear once we go back. Time will repair itself. If we make a change, time will work that change into the way history unfolds, or undo that change if necessary. It’s all very complex.”

“Yeah, so?”

“You fool! I have wanted to kill Sly Cooper for a long time, yet every time I’m close, he escapes! You, on the other hand, are helpless. It’s so easy.”

Tennessee suddenly realized what she was saying. “If you kill me…”

“The remainder of the Cooper line will vanish! Sly will disappear where he stands, never to be seen again. Clockwerk will be alive in my time under my control because he would have never been there to stop me! I tried to gain immortality once, and this way I will be able to do it without anyone in my way to stop me!” Neyla laughed hysterically, looking at Tennessee. “And all I have to do is kill you! Sly’s friends, and even I, will forget he even existed! I will be rid of all my painful memories of that raccoon!” Neyla was beaming now. “In a few moments, the Cooper line will be no more, and I will be Neyla, the immortal, the…”

“No you won’t!”

Neyla turned just in time to see Sly flying at her. Even her quick responses were nothing compared to Sly’s speed. He slammed her to the ground, then jumped over to Tennessee and sliced the ropes with the sharp edge of his cane. “Go get the others to safety; I’ll take care of Neyla!” Sly said. As Tennessee left, Sly turned just in time to dodge Neyla’s whip. He jumped to the side and grabbed a lasso. As he dodged the whip yet again, he hooked the cane on the lasso and drew the loop tight around the hook. Neyla drew her whip back again, and Sly activated his slow motion technique. He flicked his cane as the whip flew at him, the cane’s motion throwing the attached rope into the air. Neyla’s whip landed on the hook of Sly’s cane just as he caught the end of the rope. Sly twisted his cane and pulled hard on the rope. Neyla’s whip, caught between the cane and the rope, flew out of Neyla’s paw before she knew what was happening. But Sly wasn’t done. He swept his cane in an arc, throwing the handle of the whip around Neyla and into Sly’s hand. Moments later, Neyla was bound with her own whip.

“Now what?” asked Sly sarcastically, smiling at her.

“Yeah, now what?” came a booming voice.

Looking around, Sly saw all of the other members of Neyla’s gang in the doorway, holding guns. He gulped. “Oh, great!”

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