Sly Cooper: Time Travels 6

Chapter 6 – The Plan

Sly and Tennessee stood at a table, shaking their heads. They had the blueprints for Montgomery’s hideout, but there was no easy way in. They had worked for hours, but made little progress and were getting desperate. Sly felt anger rising inside of him. “This is all MY FAULT!” he screamed, grabbing his cane and hurling the pointed end of the golden hook into the wall of the hideout. “If I had been smarter back at that stupid warehouse, we all wouldn’t be in this mess!” Sly stood there for a minute, then sat down and sighed, looking at the floor. He hadn’t lost his temper like that very often before. It just wasn’t like him.

“You know, Sly, it’s not really your fault. You did what you could. No master thief is perfect. I’m sure not. But that also means that no outlaw is perfect. Somewhere, he has a weakness. We just have to find it.” Tennessee looked at the blueprints for a few minutes more. “And I think I might have the start of a desparate plan.”

They were finally ready. There was Neyla, Rajan, the Contessa, Jean Bison (who Rajan had easily found and rescued with the help of the Contessa,) and Akira Hiroshi. Akira was a mysterious character. He was fluent many languages in addition to his native Japanese, but rarely spoke. He was almost always dressed in all black and usually wore a hood, so it was difficult to see his face.

“Is everyone ready?” came a thick British accent. Neyla looked around, as if expecting an answer. “Yes? Then let’s be off! I want to finish this as soon as I can!” She looked at Rajan. He smiled and pressed a button on his device, and all of them vanished in a flash of light.

A bright light lit up the desert, and there were five people all standing there. Neyla stepped forward. “Come on, it’s not far!” she called. As she walked, she pulled out a small silver transmitter with an image of a giant metal bird engraved on it. She lifted a safety catch and pressed the button. He should be here any minute, she thought.

As the group arrived at the hideout, the door opened, and out stepped a large bull. “Do you have them?” asked Neyla.

“Sure enough, I got all three of ‘em!”

Neyla froze. “Three?” she demanded.

“Yeah, why?” asked the bull. “That was all of them.”

“Never mind, the only one I’m after is the raccoon. Obviously one of the others escaped somehow, but it doesn’t matter…”

“There was no raccoon. Just a turtle, a hippo, and a fox.”

Neyla paled and turned to Rajan. “Are you sure your device got him?” she asked.

“There was no doubt I got him,” replied Rajan.

Neyla glared at the bull. “Is there anyone else around here that would have got to him?”

“Nobody but that darned Tennessee, but I don’t see why he should be concerned with him.”

Neyla glared at him for another few minutes, until the bull became very nervous. He knew what Neyla could do when she was angry, and he didn’t want to feel it again.

“Where are they?” she demanded, drawing back her whip and lashing the bull across the face. He flew backwards onto a table, skidded across it, and landed on the floor on the other side.

“He lives a few miles from here to the north, but you’ll never find him. Nobody ever does.”

Neyla turned to her group. “Everyone, prepare to assault Tennessee’s hideout. I want that raccoon, and I want him TODAY!” She screamed the last word with such force that Montgomery shrank back in fear. “And if I don’t get him, one of you will pay!”

Tennessee and Sly stared at the blueprints for what seemed like an eternity. It was a risky plan, Sly thought, but maybe just crazy enough to work. Timing was key. Sly would have to sneak in through the back entrance, and Tennessee would disguise himself as one of the guards. Once Sly was inside, he would make his way into Montgomery’s dungeon. Their timing would have to be perfect so that Sly would reach the cell just after Tennessee came through the hallway disguised as one of the guards. Sly would then pick the lock and go into the cell. The guards’ patrol schedule was so tight that there would be no time for them them to get out before the next guard after Tennessee came around, so Sly would hide in the unlocked cell with the others, who would pretend to still be chained. When Tennessee came around again, they would all leave together and try to get as far as possible before the next guard discovered the cell was empty.

“Well, you ready?” asked Tennessee, twirling his guns.

“Ready when you are.” said Sly, casually twirling his cane. The two raccoons ran out the door, Tennessee deftly sliding his guns into his holsters and sly sliding his cane into his holster before they both jumped onto their horses. They dug their heels into the horses’ flanks and were off in a cloud of dust.

“Whoa, whoa!” called Tennessee. Sly did the same, and both of the horses slowed before coming to a stop. Tennessee pointed ahead, and they could barely make out another cloud of dust coming in their direction. They looked around, but there was nowhere to go. “I don’t like the looks of this.” Tennessee said. “It’s coming right from the direction of Montgomery’s hideout!”

“Neither do I!” said Sly as they pointed their horses to the right, hoping that whoever it was wasn’t heading for them and would just keep going. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they were following them. Tennessee glanced back and noticed that the cloud seemed bigger. It was still impossible to see how many there were, though Tennessee had some experience in this matter.

“Looks like 4 or 5 if I had to guess!” yelled Tennessee over the thundering hooves. Sly pulled his binucom out of his leg pouch and twisted around on his horse. He pressed a button, and the device hummed to life. He pressed the zoom button and nearly fell off his horse.

“No,” said Sly. “It can’t be!”

“Can’t be what?” said Tennessee, obviously preoccupied.

“Neyla!” Sly said vengefully. “She betrayed me and my gang during one of our heists, and then she rebuilt Clockwerk and tried to become one with him and achieve immortality! I had to defeat her, and we destroyed Clockwerk’s hate chip. I thought she was –” Sly didn’t have time to say anything else, because suddenly a huge shadow passed over them. Sly suddenly realized what it was and screamed “JUMP!” Sly and Tennessee leaped off of their horses. Sly grabbed Tennessee with his cane and deployed one of his paragliders to save them both from a nasty fall. The paraglider slowed them down, and they landed on the ground. Moments later, a massive explosion vaporized their horses and sent a huge shockwave through the ground. Sly and Tennessee heard the thunder of hooves behind them and looked back. There was Neyla, leading the three other members of her new “gang,” and she had a wicked smile on her face.

“Hello, Cooper!” said Neyla as she and her gang dismounted. “Or shall I say, Coopers!” Neyla laughed evilly.

“So this is Neyla?” asked Tennesse to no one in particular.

“Yes, and you will step aside and let me at Sly!” Neyla growled.

“Yeah, right!” said Tennessee as he drew his twin revolvers quick as lightning. Sly didn’t even have time to see him draw.

But Neyla did. Before the guns were even halfway up, there was a sharp crack from her whip, and both guns went flying backward. “I don’t think so,” she said menacingly. Tennessee suddenly dove forward, knocking Neyla out cold when she hit the ground. Rajan and Jean Bison were there, and Rajan quickly punched Tennessee, knocking him out. Sly took advantage of this and quickly knocked Jean Bison out, then spun around and slammed Rajan to the ground, breaking some of his bones and incapacitating him. It was just Sly and Akira now. Akira stood looking at Sly for a moment, and then drew his katanas.

“Your move,” Akira growled.

Sly ran toward Akira, then spun to the left just as Akira swung one of his katanas. As he spun, he charged his cane and slammed it into Akira. As Akira flew through the air, Sly hooked with his cane and slammed him to the ground. Dazed, Akira stood up, only to be slammed backwards with Sly’s next blow with his cane. One of his swords flew out of his hands as he hit the ground. Akira got up just as Sly swung at him again. Akira raised his katana and blocked Sly’s swing. For a moment they locked weapons, but Sly suddenly jumped up, his hooked cane taking Akira’s other katana with him. As he flipped over him, he grabbed the katana from his cane and landed about twenty feet behind Akira. Akira spun around just as Sly landed. He looked at Sly with a smirk.

“You lose, Sly Cooper!” Akira yelled. As his hand shot up, a sharp five-pointed metal shuriken flew through the air straight towards Sly.

Sly was fast, but not fast enough. As the shuriken flew towards him, Sly tried to dodge and brought his cane and Akira’s katana up. The katana caught one corner of the shuriken, sending it away from his heart and into his shoulder. In agony, Sly yanked the shuriken from his shoulder and hurled it back at Akira, who was laughing. Akira never saw it coming. Moments after the shuriken impacted, Sly knocked Akira out with a charged attack with his cane.

As Sly clutched his shoulder, a massive shadow passed over him. “One day, Cooper, one day I will have my revenge!” thundered Clockwerk. Moments later, he was gone.

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