Sly Cooper: Time Travels 5

Chapter 5 – Trouble!

“Are you sure this is the area?” asked Sly worriedly.

“Yes. I’m afraid so.” Tennessee searched the ground urgently for clues. “If I can just find their footprints, and no one else’s, then we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Ah, there are my horse’s tracks. Now we just have to follow them to the exact spot I found you. It’s not far, maybe a couple hundred yards, if that.” It took them less than a minute to find the exact spot. Tennessee scanned the area, then paled, pointing to a boot print. “I’d recognize them boots anywhere,” he said in a shaky voice. “The meanest outlaw in the whole West: “Montgomery” Bill Bennett!”

“We’ve got to help them!” yelled Sly.

“It ain’t that easy with him.” Tennessee sighed. “This may be harder than you think.”

“Well, let’s get back to the hideout and get ourselves a plan!”

“I agree, let’s go!”


“Where… Where am I?” moaned Bentley. No answer. Bentley looked up to see Murray and Carmelita still asleep next to him, in shackles. Suddenly looking at himself, he realized he was in the same predicament. Realizing this, Bentley took the time to assess his position. He was in shackles, with no key, no way to contact Sly, and without any of his beloved computer equipment. But, if Carmelita had her shock pistol… There! Yes, she had it! “Hey, Carmelita! Wake up!” Bentley called.

“Ugh… Wha – How did I get here?” she moaned.

“Can you reach your shock pistol?” asked Bentley urgently. “See if you can use it to get these shackles off.”

Carmelita, suddenly understanding their situation, turned a few dials on her shock pistol, aimed carefully at the chain Bentley was holding, and squeezed the trigger. Nothing happened. Thinking quickly, she pulled a single hairpin out of her hair and tossed it to Bentley. “Here, try this.”

Bentley peered into the locks for a few seconds, then started carefully bending the hairpin. After a few minutes, Bentley inserted the pin, scrutinized at the lock for what seemed like the hundredth time, and finally turned the hairpin. There was a satisfying “click!” and the shackles popped open. Suddenly, the door across the room opened and a huge bull walked in, clad in chaps, a leather vest, and a belt with a knife and two six shooters.

“Better think first about tryin’ to escape, there, partner.” the bull said flatly.

Bentley thought quickly. “No, sir, I had no thoughts of escaping, the shackles were just rubbing my wrists, and my skin is very sensitive. No, sir, I never thought of…”

“SILENCE!” the bull roared. “I know who you’re in league with and that’s enough for me! I saw Tennessee riding off with your pal. Figured I’d better get you before he came back!”

“Who’s Tennessee?” asked Bentley.

“Yeah, and who are you, you miserable…kidnapper!” yelled Carmelita

“What? Not know about him? You gotta be joking!” laughed the bull. “My sworn enemy and the best thief in the west! But this time, having you as my bait, he won’t escape!” The bull laughed so loud he shook the whole room. “And me, well, I’ll let you think about that one.” He started laughing again

Suddenly Bentley remembered about when Sly had told them his family lineage. He glared at the bull. “Tennessee Kid Cooper! Is that who you’re talking about?”

The bull stopped laughing. “Of course that’s who. What else do you need to know?” he shot back.

“But that must mean…”

Carmelita finished for Bentley. “We’ve been sent back in time! That must be what Rajan was doing! But how…”

“Will you just shut up?” said the bull. “I don’t care about hearin’ your blabberin’, so I would hush up if I was you.”

Bentley and Carmelita stopped almost instantly.

“Much better.”

Now let’s return to what happened just after The Heist…

Rajan smiled, pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number. A voice came on the other end.

“Have you taken care of Cooper and his friends?” asked a female voice with a thick British accent.

“It has been done,” Rajan said. “Now, are you ready for phase two?”

“Of course,” the voice said. “I have been waiting for my opportunity to be rid of Cooper for years!”

“Meet me here at midnight tomorrow. I will be waiting.” Rajan said.

“Good. I will be there.” With that, they both turned off their phones.

In her room, Neyla smiled to herself. At last, she would have revenge!

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