Sly Cooper: Time Travels 4

Chapter 4 – Reunion

When Sly came to he was lying in a bed in what looked like an old, rustic motel room. He moaned, then sat up. “Where am I?” asked Sly to no one in particular.

“You’re in my hideout, partner.” said a voice that sounded like it came straight from an old western movie. Sly spun around and jumped to his feet, grabbing his cane and dropping into his fighting stance. But when he saw the speaker, he froze. It was not the fact that he was a raccoon, nor that the outfit he wore looked almost like Sly’s, but it was his twin revolvers that had golden hooked handles just like Sly’s own cane!

Sly recognized him instantly. “T-Tennessee Kid Cooper?” said Sly, bewildered.

“The one and only.” he replied. “But who are you? You’re a Cooper, that much is certain.”

“I’m Sly. I’m actually from the 21st century. My gang and I were trying to steal a device a guy named Rajan was planning to use to take over the world. From what happened, I guess it’s a ray of some sort that can send people back in time. Probably even forward, too. But who knows what else it can do?” Sly looked around. “How did I end up here?”

“I found you a few miles from here in the middle of the desert. I recognized the cane.” Tennessee smiled. “Couldn’t believe my eyes, but the evidence was right there in front of me!”

“Did you see anyone else?” asked Sly urgently.

“I didn’t have room on my horse to bring them back, but there were three.”

“We have to find them!” yelled Sly, grabbing his cane. “A turtle, a hippo, and a fox, right?”

“That was them”

“That’s my gang, Rajan must have gotten them, too.”

Tennessee Kid Cooper grabbed his hat off a nail in the wall. “Can you ride a horse?”

“A couple of years ago I rode one to make a quick getaway, I’m sure I can manage.”

“Then let’s get going!” said Tennessee. “We haven’t much time!”

In the meantime, a large bull and his gang rode off carrying three prisoners on their horses…

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Forward to Chapter 5 – Trouble!


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