Sly Cooper: Time Travels 3

Chapter 3 – The Heist

Sly Cooper silently jumped to the ground, dodging a few lasers. With Carmelita on their team, nothing would be able to stop them. He thought about the possibilities, smiling to himself.

In the building, Rajan smiled as he watched the security cameras. He was surprised that the notorious Sly Cooper had yet to attempt breaking in to his “fortress”. It was indeed almost a fortress; Rajan had equipped it with all the latest security equipment, including lasers, motion detectors, pressure pads, DNA scan ID systems on all doors, and even a few of his own traps. Suddenly an old, outdated computer in the corner beeped. He looked at the monitor and spotted the cause. It was his power surge sensor, set up so it was not in any way integrated with the outside, so without direct access, it was unhackable. He carefully scanned the main security systems for the cause. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Rajan turned back to the old computer and scrutinized the readouts, freezing when he saw the surge strength: 10,000 volts! He rushed out of the security room and into the main warehouse. Knowing Cooper, he had less than a minute before his machine would have been gone.

“Go Sly!” whispered Bentley through Sly’s earpiece. “According to my readings, all Rajan’s main sensors were knocked out by Carmelita’s blast, and I simultaneously hacked the computers to make them appear to be operational. You should have little trouble, except for a few lasers and such.”

“Thanks.” said Sly. “I’m going in.” Sly opened the door carefully and walked in. Suddenly all the lights turned on and there stood Rajan, holding some sort of remote.

“I thought you might come.” said Rajan.

“How did you know we were here?” asked Sly, crossing his legs and leaning on his cane.

“A little trick of mine to outsmart the turtle,” said Rajan with a smile. “Now, on to business.” Rajan pressed a few buttons on the remote, then smiled wickedly at Sly. “You see, you didn’t really think that I wouldn’t expect you here, did you? I knew I couldn’t keep my secret from you, so I plan on using that secret on you!”

Bentley’s startled voice came on through the binocucom. “I don’t like this, Sly! Find out what kind of weapon it is, and I’ll tell you how to dodge the attacks so you can get out of there!”

Sly looked at Rajan. “And what kind of ‘secret’ would that be?”

“Maybe I should just let you find out.” said Rajan, aiming the device at Sly.

That was all Sly needed to hear. Sly jumped just as Rajan activated the device. A bright white beam of light shot from the device. The last thing Sly knew was Bentley’s frantic voice through the binocucom, then a bright light, then blackness.

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