Sly Cooper: Time Travels 2

Chapter 2 – The Decision

A hundred thoughts rushed through Carmelita’s head. Sly had loved her so much that he had been willing to give up his thieving, his friends, and even his family legacy in order to be with her. He had sacrificed everything he had worked for because of his love for her. Carmelita suddenly felt very guilty. What had she given up for him in return? Yes, she loved him, but did she love him so much that she would be willing to sacrifice all of that if it had been her in Sly’s place? Suddenly she realized that she wanted Sly to be back with the gang. She knew it was one of his secret desires for her to join the gang. She was startled out of her thoughts by Bentley’s startled voice through the binocucom.

“You WHAT!” yelled the startled turtle.

“Bentley, I had to.” Sly replied. “Besides, if…”

Carmelita cut him off. “Sly, Bentley, can I say something? Please?”

“Yes,” said Bentley after a long pause. “But keep it short!”

Carmelita breathed deeply, then began. “I want to join your gang,” she said after a long pause. Sly just stared at her, confused. Bentley was silent on the other end. “I know Sly enjoys being with you guys, and the only thing that was keeping me at Interpol was the fact that Sly and I could be together. Ever since I met you, Sly, I had wanted to join you, but I didn’t want to give up my family heritage.” Sly was taken aback. She had wanted to join them? But why would she try to arrest them? His question was quickly answered. “Many times I lost myself in my job and completely forgot about wanting to join. Which is why I arrested you sometimes. After I did, I always ended up feeling guilty, but before I could do anything, you busted out again.” Carmelita looked at Sly. “During the five years before we got married I had been so caught up in my job that I didn’t even think about what I was doing chasing you, I just thought of you as a criminal. When I saw you lying there in the cave in the Cooper Vault, it brought me back to my senses.”

Sly was dumbfounded. “Carm, I – I never realized…”

Carmelita looked at Sly. “I never realized either, until now.”

Sly and Carmelita looked at each other for a long time, then Sly swept Carmelita into his arms and kissed her. After another pause, Sly said “Well, we better get going.”

As if on cue, Bentley’s voice came on over the binocucom. He seemed very hesitant. “Okay, here’s the plan. Sly, you move into position as we planned before. Carmelita, get up onto that rooftop over there, the one with the big satellite dish. Murray and I are already in position. Penelope’s chopper is ready. Panda King will be ready in exactly 35 seconds. The plan is the same as before except Carmelita can provide cover fire if Sly gets in trouble, (which is very unlikely) and she can also blast the console on the left side of the building with her shock pistol in order to overload the main security power conduits, saving me time hacking and allowing me to get to the inner security sooner so we can get this job finished faster. Everyone got it?”

“Got it!” said Sly into his binocucom. Sly smiled with joy. Bentley would have a new project after this heist: building a new, orange binocucom.

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