Sly Cooper: Time Travels 1

Chapter 1 – Beginnings (Five years after Sly 3)

Sly Cooper stood balanced perfectly on the flagpole just outside of the dark, deserted warehouse. The moon was behind a thick layer of dark clouds and it was almost impossible to see. Two days ago, Bentley had discovered that Rajan and Jean Bison were back in business, building a machine that, if Bentley’s sources were correct, would allow them to take over the world. Rajan was currently hiding out here, and Jean was somewhere in Canada. Sly had told his wife, Carmelita Montoya Cooper (Yes, they HAD gotten married!) that he would be visiting his cousin in Madrid as an excuse to help the gang pull off the heist. Of course, he did not have a cousin, but it was the best he could come up with. Wow, it felt good to be back with the gang! Bentley had even saved his cane, binocucom, and thieving outfit for him. He looked at the display on his binocucom. Rajan was just about to leave the building.

“Sly, get down!” Bentley said over Sly’s earpiece, almost panicking. “Oh, this is REALLY bad! Carmelita’s here!”

“Crap!” whispered Sly as he dove for cover in an alley near the flagpole. “She wasn’t supposed to know about this, not yet anyway!” He had been planning on telling her about faking his amnesia eventually, but this was NOT the way he wanted her to find out.

Inspector Carmelita Montoya Cooper scanned the area. Her boss had sent her to find and capture the rest of the Cooper Gang, and she had also found out about Rajan and Jean Bison’s plot. Knowing the gang, she had (correctly) assumed they would come here. Suddenly she heard an extremely faint thud behind her. She spun around, pointing her shock pistol at the dumpster in the alley behind her. “Freeze, whoever you are!” she yelled. “Now come out slowly and I won’t have to shoot you!”

Sly knew what he had to do. He didn’t like it, but it was the only way. He slowly came out from behind the dumpster, complete with his cane.

“Sly!” said Carmelita, shocked.

“I’m sorry, Carm. Bentley told me about the plot, and I decided to help them for everyone’s good. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time, but – I faked my amnesia.”

“But why?”

“When I realized how much we loved each other, and when I saw that I had finally reached the end of my quest, that there was nothing out there that I hadn’t already accomplished, then I saw you there, well…” Sly trailed off, realizing that Carmelita knew the rest just as well as he did. There was a long pause. What if she didn’t accept him for who he was? What if she was angry with him? There was no turning back now. Had he even done the right thing?

“You know, Sly, you’re the most devious, underhanded raccoon I have ever met!” said Carmelita with a grin.

“I try.”

“Well, we might as well be going.”

“Wait, I can’t just leave this unfinished. The whole world is at stake here. Will you help me? Because I have to do this.”

“You silly raccoon, what did you think I meant? Of course we’ll stop this guy!”

Sly smiled at Carmelita, then asked her “Do you mind if I explain this to the gang? That way we’ll be able to integrate you into the plan.”

“Not at all,” replied Carmelita, smiling. “Just wait till they hear this!”

Forward to Chapter 2 – Decisions


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