My Writing

This is a collection of stories I have written. Most of them are fanfiction and transformation fiction. I am not a particularly good author, but I take pride in what work I do accomplish, so please do not copy without my permission. Thanks.

The Greatest Gift

A Christmas TF story – not one of your ordinary stories where someone is transformed by a gift or something, one with a little more substance. Check it out!

Through the Flames

This is my most recent story. I honestly think this is my best so far. Take a look at it and see what you think. Lots of action in this one! Chapter 1 is up! Last update 11/20/2007.

A Cheetah’s Tail

Now updated and revised as of 9/30/2007! Please be sure to read Chapter 1 again before reading Chapter 2. I have made some major changes to it!

The Game Show

This is a pretty decent story. Almost certainly finished, though I may write a sequel if there’s enough demand. Last updated 8/25/2007

Sly Cooper: Time Travels

This is the first “epic” story I wrote. This was started before the first two stories, but has been ongoing for a while. I plan on extending this to quite a few chapters (when I get around to it! In my defense, I do have another chapter nearing completion as of today, October 25, so be expecting that soon!) The story is also available at Last updated 11/15/2007.


2 Responses to “My Writing”

  1. coolcat007 Says:

    It has been 4 years since you wrote a chapter of A cheetah’s tail. When will the next be ready? It’s not much fun if you don’t finish the story

    • ArkaneGamer Says:

      Agreed. But I’m writing a story too but I don’t plan on releasing it until I’m done because I don’t want half a million emails sent to me asking me to finish the story or get the next chapter out. And even then I might still be editing the story. Sly might be going on like this after releasing the first two chapters and he might actually be nearly finished with the whole story by now.

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