Here’s a great launchpage for several excellent Furry and TF websites I have found.

  • Rusty and Rascal’s Den
    This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best furry/TF sites out there. There is no explicit content, the stories are great, and it’s a very well done site. Go check it out! Also, check out the forums HERE.
  • Sly Cooper Archive
    Of course, what would my page be without a Sly Cooper fanfiction link? This is home to dozens of great Sly Cooper stories (among my favorites are “Sly Cooper and the Space Thieves,” “The Raccoon, The Panther, and the Divine Gods,” “Light and Darkness,” “Spy Cooper,” “Condor,” “Talon: Eclipse,” “Sly Cooper: Armed and Dangerous,” “Lament of Carmelita,” “A Sneaky Disguise,” “Sands of Time,” “A Soul Shattered,” “Talon: Awakening,” the original “Talon,” “Sly Cooper, 007,” and of course my own, “Sly Cooper: Time Travels,” available there and on this site.
  • The Transformation Story Archive
    Almost certainly the largest reliable TF archive on the web. (no broken links) A must-see. Particularly check out the Winds of Change under “worlds.”
  • The Animal Transformation Webring
    A great place to find a bunch of great TF and Furry sites. I’m also a member now! Hooray!
  • TF Seeker’s Sightings
    Another good link collection, although a bit old. Still a lot of great sites if you sift through the ones that aren’t there anymore.
  • The Furry Resource Page
    A great place to find Furry-related info and media. (Especially the Artists archive!) Also a lot of TF mixed in.
  • NothingSpecial’s Transformation Emporium
    Home to NothingSpecial’s TF stories. This site is a must-see! These stories are well-written and entertaining. Not very many right now, but hopefully more coming in the near future!
  • FurNetics
    This is an entertaining site – it’s a bioengineering firm that specializes in anthro transformations.  Oh, if only this was real!

More coming soon!


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