Back Again…

After a LONG hiatus, I am finally back.  As for the site, thanks for everyone who kept vigilant and awaited my return.  You shall be rewarded!  I have some things I want to do with the site, and the first thing is to wipe the slate clean.  Don’t worry, all the old stuff will still be here to browse, but I’ll be making a few changes to “modernize” the site and make way for new, better content.

So here’s my plan in simple terms:

  1. Move all old content temporarily to an Archive page
  2. Choose a new design for the site
  3. Recreate the Stories page with a layout that’s easier to work with and navigate
  4. Re-upload selected stories (some will stay in the Archive)
  5. Recreate the Links section and strip out broken links (if applicable)
  6. Remove the YouTube section altogether due to difficulty keeping it updated
  7. Rework the forums and make them more easily navigable for users

I hope the end result will be a revamped version of the much-aged Sly Cooper homepage!


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